Advanced Skills and Equipment

Bay Vet Group can treat more than your usual vets

Veterinary Surgeons with Advanced Skills

Bay Vet Group is unique in the area for having so many vets in the practice with advanced qualifications.  This means we can treat more difficult cases in the comfort of your local practice than many other local surgeries.  We have four vets with advanced qualifications and one of these is also a recognised Royal College Advanced Practitioner.

Roderick McGregor has certificates in both small animal surgery and ophthalmology.  Rod performs complex ophthalmology procedures like phaco-emulsification cataract surgery and receives referral work from other local practices.  He also performs the more complex soft tissue surgery and orthopaedic surgery like cruciate repair or fracture repair.

Rosie McGregor has certificates in dermatology and cardiology and is an RCVS recognised Advanced Practitioner in Cardiology.  Rosie treats the more complex skin cases and performs heart ultrasounds for the diagnosis of heart disease in pets.  Rosie also works alongside European Specialist Mark Patterson in Heart Vets who offer referral services for local practices.

Christopher Bamford has the Royal College certificate of Advanced Veterinary Practice and a postgraduate Certificate from Liverpool University. He is currently studying at Luxembourg University for his European Certificate in Small Animal Dentistry.  Chris performs most of the practice dental work and takes referrals for more advanced procedures including Root Canal Treatments.

Advanced Equipment at Bay Vet Group

Bay Vet Group does not just have the Vets with advanced skills.  We also have some of the most advanced equipment available to diagnose and treat your pet locally.

Digital x-ray – our Dawlish, Teignmouth and Paignton branches all have the latest digital x-ray facilities for rapid diagnosis of a variety of conditions.

Ultrasound – our Dawlish, Teignmouth and Paignton branches all have advanced ultrasound machines and our Torquay surgeries have more basic units for assistance in pregnancy diagnosis.

CT scanner – our Dawlish surgery is unique in the UK for having a high definition cone beam CT scanner.  Most veterinary CT scanners provide resolution down to 1mm.  Our HD scanner goes down to 0.28mm so almost 4 times more detail.  This is perfect for imaging complex joint problems, heads and exotic animals.

Dental x-ray and high speed dental units – our Dawlish and Paignton surgeries have complete dental suites with the latest digital dental x-ray and air driven high speed dental units.  Human dentists won’t perform dentistry without x-rays and we believe the same for animals. Without x-ray, up to 70% of problems in cats may go undetected and also between 20-40% in dogs.

Fluid pumps – our surgeries have electronic pumps to control the amount being given to patients on intravenous fluids.  This ensures they receive the correct amount.

Patient warmers – we have electric heaters especially designed for animal use to ensure that animals in our care are kept warm, comfortable and well cared for, this is especially important after a surgical intervention.

Laboratory – we have state of the art in house laboratory equipment in our dedicated laboratory suite at Dawlish. When bloods are taken from your pet for routine testing, these can be done on site and the results reported the same day. We are also able to test for a variety of conditions and diseases. We still have a referral system in place for the more complex of cases but having on site facilities allows for fast diagnosis and immediate treatment and care.