Examining and discussing your pet

Bay Vet Group Consultations

What to expect during a consultation

This will normally be the first point of call for an ill pet.  The main part of a consultation is a full examination of your pet whilst discussing general health issues of feeding, parasite control and behaviour. This is the time you should raise any questions you have and ask about problems you have noticed.

As pets cannot talk we rely on a two way discussion with you the owner.  It is really useful to be able to provide basic information about feeding, drinking, going to the toilet, exercise levels and how you feel you pet feels.  An accurate description of the problems which are worrying you will also help us to get your pet feeling better sooner.   If your pet has urine problems then bringing in a fresh sample will enable us to run a few quick tests that can help diagnose the problem.

consultations with your pet
consultations with friendly vets

Some problems identified within a consult can be easily treated at home with medications.  Some problems may not be so easily identified and we may need to do more tests.  We will discuss these tests with you in detail to allow a decision to be made as to which tests are best.  We may need to do these tests straight away or we may book your pet in for another day to have the tests performed. Most consultations with our vets will require payment at the time.  We do offer free health checks to enable us to prescribe flea and worming treatment from us.  This is important because to have safe and effective prescription only products your pet must be “under the care” of a veterinary surgeon.  We do not want to put pet owners off using these better products so we do not charge for an examination. Our nurses also offer free weight checks and dental checks to ensure your pet is healthy.  They can offer advice on how to prevent problems.  If our nurses feel that your pet requires a consult with a vet an appointment will be arranged.