Devon Vet CT

Bay Vet Group is proud to offer our clients a full CT service for advanced imaging. We are the first practice in the UK to have this new type of vet CT scanner which offers incredible levels of detail. Bay Vet Group was the first veterinary practice in South Devon with a CT scanner and have two years of experience of performing CT scans.

Our brand new system uses clever image processing software to build three dimensional images using a conventional X-ray generator. The images obtained are of excellent resolution and open up significant new diagnostic opportunities.

We continue to be the cheapest veterinary CT provider in the South West and utilise American Specialists to provide full reports on all the CT scans we perform.

This allows us to offer our registered clients affordable advanced imaging for their pet.  Other practices would have to refer your pet at greater cost for this advanced imaging.  This is another benefit of being registered with us.

Advanced vet CT imaging in South Devon

Already used by vets around the world, the American designed veterinary CT system offers exceptional image quality for areas such as the head and ears.  All of our images are sent to American diplomat radiologists for diagnosis with reports back within hours.  Based on these findings our certificated surgeon Rod McGregor is able to operate where necessary.