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 12 reviews
 by Philippa Foskett on Bay Vet Group - Teignmouth
Excellent Service

Excellent Veterinary Care, better than our London Vets. Super friendly and efficient staff. Thank you.

 by Katrena Evans on Bay Vet Group - Teignmouth
Professional and caring staff.

Thank you to all the amazing staff at Teignmouth.

Over the years you have cared and looked after my dog Lottie, with her complex needs. You have always been professional and extremely caring. Lottie may never have liked visiting the vets, but once through the doors, she was happy to see the members of staff. I would also like to thank all of you for the live and gentleness that you showed Lottie in her last hours. Thank you also for the beautiful flowers sent from you all afterwards . I would definitely recommend your team to anyone.thank you from Lottie and I.

Great service very pleasant staff happy dog=happy Customer🙂

 by Kevin Buxey on Bay Vet Group - Teignmouth
Help with Ticks.

We had spent a couple of days at Gara Rock by Salcombe and then travelled up to Teignmouth for a walk along the seafront to reminisce old times.
On returning to our vehicle we found Wilson our shaggy jack was covered in Ticks obviously from earlier walks that day along the cliffs.
One was nasty right on his bottom eye lid. We called Bay Vets and they said to go straight to them and we would be fitted in.
Wilson was taken inside and then delivered back to the car Tick free and very happy.
Just wanted to say what a great team and surgery can’t thank them enough.

 by David Simpson on Bay Vet Group - Teignmouth
The cat from Ashleigh Way.

Both Vets and all the staff couldn't have been more kind, sympathetic and helpful during the last month of Maggie's life. She belonged to Ashleigh Way and my wife and I, as well as other neighbours were very lucky to know Maggie and share and care for her in the last years of her life.

So Helpful

My wife out walking came across a cat at the side of the road that had just been run over and killed, We phoned Bay vet group Teignmouth because we did not know who to turn to for help . Without hesitation they offered to help if we could get the cat to them they would scan it for an ID chip and take matters from there. Such a relief to us and so kind of them to do this

 by Austin on Bay Vet Group - Teignmouth
Amazing staff

Amazing team and very friendly bunch of vets. Especially Alice 👅

 by Chris Kirkup on Bay Vet Group - Teignmouth
What a fantastic practice!

Despite everyone's worries about the coronavirus and the ongoing lockdown, the Bay Vet Group couldn't be more helpful this morning seeing and sorting my cat at short notice. They were clearly very busy but managed to squeeze me in. Thanks very much - I am very appreciative of your help, as is Basil (my cat).

 by A Webster on Bay Vet Group - Teignmouth
Spayed HB (bitch)

An uneventful process from consultation to operation to recovery and beyond. Vet Jonathan Carr produced the neatest of stitches on a four centimeter wound which were removed after ten days. Soon our pup will celebrate her first birthday totally healed. Our thanks to everyone involved.

 by Jane Bell on Bay Vet Group - Teignmouth
Such amazing support

Our beagle ate the contents of the blue food waste bin. She went into toxic shock at 10.30 pm and started have constant seizures and collapsed. We called the out of hours vet and Anca (vet) came to Maudlin Drive with Alice (nurse). We were in a right state as it really looked like the dog would die. She immediately calmed us down, started everything she could, explaining it all the time and worked into the small hours of the night to save our dog. Both Anca and Alice were prepared to stay up all night giving her meds if needed. They were not going to give up on her. They were very kind to us and totally professional. Without them we would not have our dog now. I cannot thank or praise them enough for their efforts.

 by Judy Reeves on Bay Vet Group - Teignmouth
Care of terminally ill dog

Jonathan could not have been more helpful, supportive and positive throughout an awful, very difficult time, and also very sensitive at the end. The nurses and reception staff are always helpful and friendly. Can't rate them too highly.

 by Mary Rendle on Bay Vet Group - Teignmouth
They looked after my little Jack Russel beautifully

They looked after my little Jack Russel beautifully and she ended up coming home as good as new after suffering a life threatening Adder bite. I couldn't recommend then enough. Thank you guys!
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